Committee Chairpersons

Chairperson of Name Contact Info
Finance Committee Paul Perron 860-875-8552
Parish Council Steve Autieri 860-875-8552
Social Committee Janet DeForge 860-508-7254
Altar Servers Steve Autieri 603-321-3289
Golf Committee Kitty Walker 860-875-8552
Lectors Lenora Rice 860-871-8548
Eucharistic Ministry Call the Rectory 860-875-8552
Eucharistic Ministry Jane Thomas 860-875-8552
Property Management Karen Luciano 860-875-2480
Youth Ministry Brigid McGrath 860-875-8552
Music Ministry Elana Owens 860-875-8552
Christmas Bazaar Laura Pienkowski 860-690-5105
Liturgy Committee Frank Hann 860-462-8032
Scholarship Committee Contact Kim 860-875-4951
Gardening Committee Penny Harrington 860-872-3537
Decorating Committee Frank Hann 860-462-8032