Program Policies

Faith Formation Program Policy

Weather Cancellations:

We do our best to follow the Ellington Public School calendar as well as their cancellations. We will run cancellations on NBC 30 and WFSB as well as through email. Please make sure to keep all your phone numbers and email addresses up to date in the office.

Cell Phones and other electronic devices:

We ask that all cell phones be silenced or turned off during class time.  Students should not use their cell phone in class unless the teacher asks them to. Teachers may use a phone basket or have students place cell phones on their desk where they can be seen. If a student is found texting or playing with devices, etc. during class, the device maybe taken away and given back at the end of class.

Disruptive Behavior:

Any student whose behavior disrupts class will be given a verbal warning. If the behavior persists, the teacher may send the student to the office. If the behavior continues after speaking with the Catechetical Leader a parent will be contacted.

Class Attendance:

Attendance at weekly class is important as much faith sharing and interacting takes place within the classroom. If your child is absent please call or email the faith formation office so we know they will be out. It is required that students attend each grade level of  faith formation classes as they grow in their faith and prepare for their sacraments.